For totally different reasons. While you may read countless articles about why you should exercise, some of the health benefits are more obvious: weight maintenance, stress relief, longevity, muscle mass, etc. As the owner of a CrossFit gym, I’ve heard every reason why someone walks through my doors:

man-in-running-shoes-ready-to-run-picjumbo-com“I want to get toned”

“I want to get rid of my muffin top”

“I want an hour away from my kids”

“I want an hour away from my spouse”

“I want to climb THAT rope”

“I want to not be a lazy bum anymore”

“I want a six pack”

And, you know what I tell each person? “That’s the right reason.”

Exercise is personal, and it should be. Because what motivates you is personal – and something you must figure out on your own.

Why do I work out? It centers me. It makes me feel strong and confident and I’m always surprised that I can push myself further than I think. It reduces my stress and anxiety. I’m competitive by nature, and I love that CrossFit allows me to access that competitive streak in a safe and supportive environment. I am not naturally inclined to be good at gymnastics movements (pull ups, push ups, etc.) so I work out to prove that I can keep up with those that are.

I push my body hard because I love the way it makes me feel – most of the time. Sometimes I push a little TOO hard (remember that whole competitive streak thing?) and rely on my “squad” of wellness peeps: Dr. Jacob keeps my body aligned, my massage therapist keeps my muscle pliable, and a physical therapist with whom I check in somewhat regularly to ward off any potential injuries.

Whatever reason you find for yourself to work out, make sure you’re surrounded by people who support your journey. Exercise for you – find your “why” and give yourself a LOT of credit for doing something that’s exclusively yours. Then, go back the next day and do it all over again.

Thank you to our community partner, Leslie, at CrossFit DeCO for writing this guest blog post.  Look for more guest posts from our community partners this year!