Are you frustrated with your child continually getting ear infections, even though they’ve taken antibiotics? Many young children suffer from chronic ear infections and receive medicine for them that proves to be ineffective, or are directed by doctors to take the “wait and watch” approach. These approaches can be difficult for parents and their children, as ear infections often start in a child’s first year and can continue to come back until through the preschool years and their Eustachian tubes become more developed.

But the most effective approach of all can be chiropractic care. That’s because chiropractic adjustments don’t treat infections or symptoms, but they get the body functioning properly over all, addressing the root cause of issues. Many people are under the illusion that babies and young children don’t need chiropractic care simply because they are children. But the reality is that birth alone is traumatic for a baby and children are often born with neck and spinal misalignments because of the birthing process. At Well Beings Family Chiropractic in Lakewood, Colorado, Dr. Jacob Fletcher uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to get a baby’s nervous system functioning optimal, thanks to proper spinal alignment, and that eliminates many conditions that are thought of as typical for babies and young children, including ear infections.

If a baby’s spine is misaligned, it can create tension in the neck muscles, causing them to not function properly. And proper function of the Eustachian tube in the ear depends on a balanced head and neck. When imbalances are addressed, the Eustachian tube can function properly, draining fluid from the middle ear and distributing air to the middle ear cavity.

Correcting spinal misalignment also improves immune system function. This is important for many reasons, but especially with regard to ear infections because, according to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, “Infections indicate an overloaded immune system. The best course of action is to support the body in regaining its balanced immune system. Treating the ear infection with antibiotics causes an additional overload to the immune system and can actually create greater havoc, leading to the susceptibility of repeated infections.”

If you’re ready to try a natural approach to reducing your child’s ear infections for good, call Well Beings Chiropractic at 303-238-6500 today.