lightbulb_0I have been under chiropractic care at Well Beings since fall of 2010.  I started working at Well Beings in the fall of 2012.  I attended my first Chiropractic Conference in fall of 2015.  I am amazed that after all this time, I can still learn things about chiropractic that seem obvious, but that finally turn on the lightbulb in my head.  I wanted to share a few of those ah-ha moments I experienced, and maybe turn on some lightbulbs for you.


What is common is not normal. This was a very powerful statement that had me thinking long after the speaker said it.  We are constantly bombarded by media everywhere we turn.  We have come to believe that if we hear about something from 2-3 different people or sources, that it’s common or normal.  On the flip side, when we hear about something new, we automatically look at it as an outlier or uncommon.  In relation to what we hear and see in the office – I have an infant who is fussy, I am a runner so I have bad knees, I’m older and my back is bad – we assume this is just the normal course of life, not to be questioned.  What we need to realize is that “common” and “normal” are not interchangeable.  We need to change our perception of what normal is so that a body in a state of health is our normal, even though it may not be the current common state around us.

A structure in a state of health can withstand stressors. They are created to survive and thrive. Disease can more easily attack and overcome a weakened system.  By keeping our bodies aligned and free of subluxations, it will be able to take on outside stressors without being completely depleted. One presenter at the chiropractic conference likened a weakened structure to a bent nail, which was an eye opening visual for me.

familyChiropractic is universal. Over the years I have heard many stories of chiropractic success from all walks of life.  Seeing all the chiropractors and chiropractic assistants in the audience, it really hit home that no matter what the practice focus, the chiropractic adjustment aligns the system.  Whether it’s a newborn, teenager, active adult, pregnant woman or someone with a physical injury, chiropractic care restores the body’s power to heal itself from whatever stressor it is experiencing.