Webster Technique: Chiropractic Care for a Healthy Pregnancy

More pregnant women throughout Lakewood, Wheat Ridge and Edgewater are turning to chiropractic care to improve their health and wellness throughout pregnancy. Not only can your Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health chiropractor help you get drug-free lower back pain relief during pregnancy, but the adjustment techniques we use can make your entire pregnancy, right through delivery, a better experience overall. Specifically, our chiropractor is certified in the Webster Technique, which has a host of benefits for both mom and baby.

Pregnancy Low Back Pain and Baby’s Development

More than half of pregnant women report low back pain during pregnancy. As the mother’s center of gravity shifts to accommodate the growing baby, several things can easily misalign mom’s spine. Extra weight in the abdomen pulls on the spine and supporting muscles. The hormones loosen ligaments in the lower back and pelvis so the can uterus stretch and to prepare the pelvis for birth. The sacroiliac (SI) joint can experience stress and dysfunction at this time too.

Complications that can develop without chiropractic care at this time include back injury, insufficient room in the uterus for the growing child, sometimes leading to breech presentations, and difficult labor with potential complications and injury. The Webster Technique is a diagnostic system and pregnancy chiropractic adjustment technique that alleviates these problems to facilitate the health and wellness of mother and child.

Webster Technique Benefits for Mother and Child

Pregnant women who receive ongoing chiropractic care, specifically the Webster Technique, throughout pregnancy report the following benefits for both themselves and their babies:

  • Pregnancy back pain relief without drugs
  • More room for the uterus to expand, allowing the child extra room for development and movement. This allows babies to move into head-down position more easily, preventing breech delivery complications.
  • Faster and easier delivery for mom and baby, reducing the chances of complications and injury for both.

Natural Pregnancy Health and Wellness Treatment Options

Using painkillers to relieve discomforts like pregnancy lower back pain can cause many unwanted side effects. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments provide natural treatment options that boost mother and baby wellness, right from the beginning, through delivery and beyond.

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