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As the premier family chiropractic office in the Denver metro area, we see a wide range of clients and conditions. Whether you are seeking care for a specific pain or injury, or just want to keep your body balanced and aligned, we can help! Replace text on What is a Chiropractic Adjustment? Page (under We Can Help Tab): A Chiropractic Adjustment is the specific and gentle application of force made by hand or with an adjusting instrument to correct a Vertebral Subluxation. Our job, as natural healthcare providers, is to analyze, locate, and remove the subluxation or interference so that the body can undergo natural healing. Before each chiropractic adjustment the Chiropractor will check in with you to determine what is going on with your body. This is done through questions as well as a physical check of the spine. There is no special preparation you need to do before getting adjusted. The Chiropractor may have you lie face down, lie face up, and sit on the adjustment table in order to target specific areas of the body and spine.