Wheat Ridge Chiropractor Provides Upper Back Pain Relief for the Whole Family

The thoracic spine (upper back) contains the 12 vertebrae connected to the rib cage. Because the rib cage supports this part of the spine, upper back injury is less common than it is in the lower back or neck. Upper back pain, however, still happens to many people, from children to adult members of the family. Prompt treatment from your Wheat Ridge chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health can provide drug-free, natural upper back pain relief and prevention so you can enjoy an active, wellness-filled life. So, schedule an appointment today: 303.238.6500.

Upper Back Pain Causes: From Pregnancy to Car Accident Injury and More

Our chiropractor in Lakewood has noticed more cases of upper back pain and injury recently. It’s important to get a correct diagnosis of the underlying causes so appropriate treatment can provide lasting relief. Some upper back pain causes include:

  • Auto accident or Sports Injury—Upper back injuries are often caused by sudden trauma, like a car accident or sports injury. Many auto accident patients experience upper back pain with neck pain; a sign of whiplash. Athletes can also experience upper back pain from improper workout ergonomics and overuse.
  • Pregnancy—Lower and upper back pain, along with neck pain and headaches, are frequent complaints of pregnant mothers because of all the structural and hormonal changes they undergo. Drug-free pregnancy chiropractic care can provide relief and also promote a healthy pregnancy and delivery for moms and babies.
  • Posture and Ergonomics—Upper back and neck pain are hallmarks of today’s poor posture while using technology. Adults and children encounter poor ergonomics at computer workstations and hunch over mobile devices for hours. This strains neck and upper back muscles, pulling vertebrae gradually out of alignment. In addition to poor ergonomics with technology, lifting heavy objects the wrong way, slouching in your seat during a long car commute, or sleeping on a mattress that is either too saggy or too firm can lead to upper back pain that can spread to the neck and shoulders.

Chiropractic Care for Upper Back Pain Relief through Healthy Posture

Your Wheat Ridge chiropractor can diagnose these and other potential causes of upper back pain to provide a comprehensive, drug-free pain relief treatment plan to restore your health and wellness. Chiropractic care is safe and effective because it provides drug-free upper back pain treatment for the entire family, from every adult to all the children. Using gentle, precise spinal adjustments, our chiropractor can restore correct spinal posture to relieve pinched nerves and strained soft tissues, providing great relief. We’ll also show you how to practice smart ergonomics and posture throughout your day so you avoid future bouts of upper back pain.

The Chiropractor Wheat Ridge Relies on for Upper Back Pain Relief and Total Wellness

Schedule an appointment with your Lakewood chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health and get the upper back pain relief you or your children need, the natural way: 303.238.6500. We look forward to helping you!