Have you ever asked someone what they think about Chiropractic? Or maybe asked yourself? We usually will get a wide range of answers here at Well Beings from “They can only help with back pain,” “Once you go, they make you go for the rest of your life,” or “I heard they aren’t even real doctors!” Here, we’re going to address some of these common responses and other myths about chiropractic. That way we can hopefully answer some of your questions, or you can answer the questions of those around when they ask, “So, why do you go to the chiropractor?”

1.  Myth: Chiropractor’s aren’t real doctors.

Truth: Chiropractors start with a base of nearly 4 years of undergrad education. Then, Chiropractic programs consist of 4-5 years of professional study with a significant portion of time spent in clinical technique training. In total, a minimum of 4,485 hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical experience is required compared to the 4,200 hours required for medical doctors.

2.  Myth: Once you go to the chiropractor, you will always have to go.

Truth: The truth is, many of our clients choose wellness care on their own, just like they’d go to a dentist periodically. Life can be crazy with so much packed into every single day. Getting regular adjustments ensures that your body is able to function at its optimum level and use its innate ability to heal.

3.  Myth: Adjustments are painful.

Truth: Most of our clients actually find immediate relief after an adjustment. The popping sound sometimes associated with getting adjusted comes from the release of gas by the joint. Sometimes there is mild discomfort after an adjustment as your body gets used to being placed into its proper alignment position. After some follow up adjustments your body becomes used to its corrected position and you will experience continued ease.

4.  Myth: Chiropractic is dangerous.

Truth: Studies have shown that Chiropractic adjustments are safer than many common activities like salon shampooing, break dancing or turning your head to back out of a parking spot. It is recognized as one of the safest types of health care in the world.

5.  Myth: Chiropractic is not for children.

Truth: The adjusting process for an adult and for a child are different. For children the process often gets a response of laughter from them because it feels “ticklish.” Chiropractic care for children is safe and helpful for many common childhood conditions. Check out this page for more information on pediatric chiropractic https://old.wellbeingschiropractic.com/infantschildren

6.  Myth: Chiropractic can only help with back pain.

Truth: Chiropractor’s actually are most concerned with your central nervous system. Your musculoskeletal system (spinal column) is what happens to house this nervous system. When your spine is out of alignment it can put pressure on these nerves which will then cause physical problems in the area that corresponds with that nerve. Check out this diagram of the relation of your spine to its connecting nerve https://old.wellbeingschiropractic.com/images/Neuro-Anatomy-Chart_NPP.pdf. This means that chiropractic can help with any issue that would be connected to your nervous system such as headaches, asthma, digestion problems, or hip and leg pain.

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