Thoughts are one of the only things in life that we can control.  However, many people allow their thoughts to control them.  It is important to be conscious of our thoughts because, they have a direct affect on the results we experience in life. 

thoughts-have-power_p1622004At some point, usually at a very young age, we accept a thought to be true for us, regardless of whether or not it is indeed true.   At this point, we make this thought real for us and we attach emotion to it. This thought has now become a part of our belief system or a part of our programming.  This programming is the origin of our continued thought patterns.  These thoughts then go on playing in our head like a broken record, many times without our awareness.  These thoughts directly affect on our health, how we feel, our emotional state, and our choices.   Allowing positive thoughts to grow in the garden of our mind will positively affect the previously mentioned.

positive-thoughts1The first step in cultivating positive thoughts is having an awareness of our thoughts.   Without judgment, notice the patterns that repeat in your head throughout the day.   Once you have awareness, you can choose to alter your habits.   The next step is taking action.  A great way to start cultivating positive thoughts is to do daily affirmations.   Affirmations are positive statements said in the present, such as “I have the willingness and power to change.”  This process may feel different at first and you many not believe these statements.  Over time, as you continue the process, you will begin to re-program your beliefs.  Until your beliefs or underlying programming change, your thoughts will remain the same.  Like any process, it takes time. 

Give it a try! What do have to lose besides those negative thoughts? 

you are what you think