People ask us all the time “Why does a child need chiropractic adjustments?” There are many, many reasons. During back to school time, the reason seems obvious.  THE BACKPACK! Have you seen the amount of weight a child carries on her back in her backpack? Too much weight carried for an extended period of time (years and years of school) or carried improperly can lead to subluxations, postural distortions and muscle imbalances. Help your child practice proper spinal hygiene by helping them select a supportive backpack. Here are some guidelines:

  • The child should not carry more than 5-10% of her bodyweight.
  • Choose a pack with padded shoulders and a waist belt for support.
  • The pack should be worn on BOTH shoulders.
  • Encourage your child to plan ahead and bring home only the materials that are needed for work that evening.