When and why did you first contact this office?

“I had a chiropractor I was not happy with & was lucks enough to fond this practice so close to home. I had moved to Colorado from Arizona and saw several different chiropractors with out much success. When I found this place I knew I was where I need to be for optimal health”.

What benefits in your life and health have you and your family experienced since getting adjusted?

“I received care throughout my pregnancy & feel it helped me have an easy, pain and ache free pregnancy. I delivered naturally with out medication full term. My daughter has been getting adjusted since birth and will often ask to be adjusted (at age 3!) when she feels under the weather or falls in gymnastics. We can tell when our “lights” aren’t on & sometimes I know a rib is out.”

What advice would you give someone else who is considering chiropractic care?

“Do it. You are crazy not to. Why would you be happy functioning @ less than 100%? If someone tried to give you 50% of a meal you ordered wouldn’t you demand the whole meal? Your body and your health are more important than anything else. Demand and give yourself 100% of your health”.

“Being adjusted has helped us become more attuned to our bodies and our health. Without Dr. Maura & Jacob we could not be functioning @such optimal level of health.”

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