Donna C.

When and why did you first contact this office?

“Met by chance at the metaphysical fair 1st weekend of September. My complaints – many – excessive sweating, pain, no energy, numb hands – just not feeling well period. I’ve had 17 surgeries on my back and knees since 1997. All I got was pain and more pain- drugs for this & that, muscle relaxers galore and more pain pills. Nothing helped or was improving until now”.

What benefits in your life and health have you and your family experienced since getting adjusted?

“6 treatments so far”.

1. Hands are not numb or painful anymore (since 1998) They bothered me a lot waking me up at night even.

2. Sleeping all night – 1 pillow instead of 6 Can’t remember my last full night of sleep.

3. No Headaches! – I can move my neck again.

4. Had mid sternum pain for years NO MORE!

5. excessive sweating – basically back to normal.

6. I walk better – not pushing my head & butt out anymore ( I looked ridiculous).

7. Walking pretty much pain free. I didn’t realize how much pain I really had until these treatments, it’s going, going, gone! Yippee!

8. More energy – I feel energetic.

9. Pain pills decreased – used to take 4 or more during the day. I only take one in the am and one in the pm now. Been taking heavy meds since 1995. I am happy its decreased.

10. Blood pressure decreased as well as pulse rate is decreased.

11.Have had shortness of breath episodes when walking, doing chores, climbing stairs etc. But its improving – I’m breathing better.

12. Had problems with diarrhea not making it to the bathroom in time and surprise – haven’t had any events since I’ve started treatment.

13.Even my skin is staying clear could it be the chiropractic adjustments? – I’d bet on it!

14. I volunteer a lot – My “co-workers” and friends notice I walk better and my mood happier.


What advice would you give someone else who is considering chiropractic care?

“Get an adjustment. Now don’t wait! I was scared the first time because of past care. But so different now. Do it now I’m pleased with the complete exam all explanations given The WOW class and how everyone cares and spends the extra time. Besides, they are a gentle, friendly, welcoming, office. The whole atmosphere is great and its only my 6th visit. I am a changed woman… Pass it on and feel better!”