A testimonial from Linda S:

I became the proud owner of the ALINE Insoles about 3 weeks ago.  Over the last year and a half, I have been having major problems with my feet.  I used to be able to walk about three miles a day, but slowly, my feet started bothering me.  They would burn, and cramp up.  I was going to walk in a 5K and when I decided to see how I would do I decided to walk my local park which is only 6/10’s of a mile.  I could only go one time, and had to stop.  Time to do something.  I got a new pair of expensive walking shoes – this didn’t help.  Then I went and got an insert to see if that would help.  No way.  To make a long story short, I tried 3 different type of shoes, using different type of socks, and another type of insert.  I even went to the doctor and had some x-rays done.  The only thing I had was bunions – which I already knew.  I also had some blood tests done to see if I was getting arthritis.  That came out negative.  I saw Jacob at the Highline Street fair and he had his screening machine and was selling the Aline Insoles.  Well, of course, I was ready to try them.  I couldn’t believe the difference it made.  The first day I wore them, my back didn’t hurt, my feet didn’t hurt, and I was able to start walking again.  I am now up to two miles a day walking and feel like the insoles have really given my life back.  I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from back or foot pain.  They make a difference.