What is “Text Neck” and How Can You Avoid It?

Are you reading this on your smartphone or tablet? Freeze! What’s your posture like? There’s a very good chance that your neck is bent forward and down as you look down at the screen.

Now lift your head and look up, stretching your neck back in the opposite direction for 10 to 30 seconds. We’ll wait. Are you back? OK, good!

Now put your elbows in toward your rib cage and lift your device to be more parallel with your face. All set? Excellent!

You’ve just made two simple movements that will help you combat the dreaded “text neck” or “tech neck” wreaking havoc on postures and nervous systems everywhere.

Oh, you aren’t reading this on a mobile device? No worries — just try these adjustments next time you pick up your smartphone, and feel the difference they make.

blogger-336371_1920 (2)According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, the average person spends two to four hours a day, or 700 to 1,400 hours per year, with their neck bent in an unnatural position. For younger people — teens in particular — the daily number increases to six to eight hours!

This is worrisome because the average human head weighs about 12 pounds, and with the neck bent forward at a 60-degree angle, the weight on your spine increases to 60 pounds. That’s like carrying an 8-year-old around on your shoulders for a few hours every day. Can you imagine? You wouldn’t do it, right? But chances are solid that you are doing the equivalent.

As Dr. Jacob Fletcher of Well Beings Chiropractic explains in this “Good Day Colorado” segment, no other generation has experienced anything like tech neck before, so this unnatural neck position is causing new issues, including premature wear and tear on the spine.

In addition to headaches, and neck and back pain, text neck and poor posture have also been linked to digestion problems, lung capacity reduced by up to 30 percent, increased risk of heart disease and neurological issues, according to research noted in a Washington Post article.

But you can help yourself by being aware of the dangers, and performing the simple adjustments noted at the top of this post. If you’re suffering from chronic discomfort from poor posture and text neck, Dr. Jacob can evaluate the situation, looking at your posture and spinal structure to make chiropractic adjustments that add balance back into your neck, spine and nervous system and help change their underlying structures.

Check out the video from “Good Day Colorado” to learn more about text neck. To find out how Dr. Jacob can help treat your poor posture with chiropractic care, call Well Beings Chiropractic at 303-238-6500. And in the meantime, make sure to follow Dr. Jacob’s advice: Look up!

5 Places to Peruse in Denver: Part 2

1. Red RocksRed Rocks

Red Rocks is not only a staple of Colorado beauty; it is also a place bubbling with all sorts of activities. Only 20 minutes from downtown Denver, Red Rocks is very accessible both from I-70 or C-470. With its numerous nature trails, it is a great place to explore on foot or on bicycle. The trails vary in difficulty and are great for all ages. Red Rocks also has many activities at the amphitheater ranging from movie nights during the summer, awesome concerts which acoustically harmonize with any band/singer, national speakers, and a few fitness groups. You may need to schedule a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Jacob after sitting on the wooden benches though! If you haven’t climbed those amphitheater steps Rocky Balboa style, raising your arms in victory as you look out over the expansive view of Denver from the top, I highly recommend it.


2. Mile Hi Flea Market

This hub of community and culture is often over looked. About 10 minutes north of Denver, the Mile Hi Flea Market expands throughout 80 acres, open every weekend, and is only $3 for admission. On one side you’ve got all the fun merchandise shops and booths where you can find everything from trinkets to trunks, fun hipster baubles to classy pieces, modern to antique, upscale to cowboy, and the list could continue. On the other side you have the farmers market with so much locally grown or made foods it is amazing! This is our personal favorite because we like to try the homemade yogurts, salsas, cheeses, breads, and meats. It’s also family friendly with a kid’s area with rides, and a stage featuring different musical guests. For three bucks you can’t really go wrong here, unless you’re me. In which case, I bring my husband as my own personal pack mule to carry all the “gems” I find… then we swing by the office to get our chiropractic adjustments after a day of being on our feet!

3. Mercury Cafémercury cafe

If you like good food & drinks, an eclectic crowd, twinkly lights, and a place buzzing with something new every night this would be a good place for you. The Mercury Café advertises organic food, local breweries, Poetry Slams, various dance classes including swing, tango, or salsa (don’t forget to “swing” by Well Beings chiropractic to get adjusted after your class), Theater and Film showings, open Mic nights for the struggling musician or the fun loving jazz band, community yoga, and that’s only half the fun! About 5 minutes east of downtown, this is a great unusual stop for date night. Oh and did I mention you can rent it out for small weddings?

4. Santa Fe Art Walk

This event occurs on the first Friday of every month. Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe is a unique, nationally known art and cultural district with over 60 galleries, restaurants and shops located a few short blocks south of downtown Denver. The Art District opens its doors freely during the first Friday and you can walk about perusing unique pieces in gallery after gallery after gallery after gallery…I think you get the picture. If you love art in all of its forms, this is a fun idea to do with a date or with a group of friends.

5. Denver Dog Parks

My husband and I are dog lovers through and through, and to no surprise Denver has some pretty neat dog parks. I just recently found out that there are veterinary chiropractors! While Drs. Jacob & Maura can see your entire family and are pediatric chiropractor certified, they haven’t yet gotten certified to help Fido 🙂 .  Here are three of my favorite dog parks listed from north to south:

  • Westminster Hills Dog Park- With 400 some odd acres, this place is my favorite because it has so many trails to explore as well as the reservoir which the doggies are welcome to cool off in during the summer.AliAbi_052
  • Forsberg Iron Spring Dog Park- Located right next to Green Mountain, this park is a little new so there aren’t very many big trees for shade and is about average sized at 4 acres. What I like about it though, is that it is in fact next to Green Mountain where my dog gets off leash time at the Park and an extended on leash hike around Green Mountain.
  • Chatfield State Park Dog Park- Though it costs about $10 total to get in, it really is a great park. It’s located on 80 acres which are just laced with trails and ponds. When I’ve gone in the past, we pay the $8 to get into the state park where we’ll have a picnic, pay the extra $2 to get into the dog park, and go boating or fishing that way we to get our money’s worth.  

Confessions of a Corporate Climber

Charge: misunderstanding and undervaluing the role of the Stay at Home Mom

Verdict: Guilty as charged

Prior to becoming a chiropractor, I spent eleven years in corporate America in several different roles, project manager, sales manager, work-life consultant and some others.  I thought my roles were very important.  I was changing corporate cultures, streamlining workflow, impacting the bottom line, selling cutting edge technology that changed the way business was done. As a chiropractor, I helped people regain their health, changed the lives of children and helped women prepare their bodies for pregnancy and childbirth – pretty important, right?  Again, I thought these things were really important and really they are. However in my new role as a SAHM, their importance seems muted.  Back in the day as a female corporate climber, I did not understand why any woman would make the choice to be a stay at home mom nor did I value the role of a SAHM. I wondered, what does a SAHM do all day? How can she give up her right to earn her own money? How does she feel any purpose, reward? How does she stimulate her brain staying at home all day?  How does she feel achievement?

Fletcher Family

Oh boy!! As a new mother, I now have a deep understanding and appreciation for why women make the career choice of a SAHM. I no longer have the responsibility of million dollar quotas or the health and well being of my community. Instead I have the responsibility of raising a child and to me that feels really important.  My quota is not around how much software I sold but instead how many diapers I changed and meals I provided. I embrace these mom quotas with as much or more vigor and determination as I did my sales quotas.   I used to create project plans that left no task undefined and I managed that plan to the minute.  I’m finding now that the project plan of this SAHM is not determined by me but by the needs of my child. It’s the most  free flowing plan I have ever experienced.  How do you “plan” supporting the daily needs of a newborn?  I no longer answer to VPs of Sales and CEOs but instead to the peep of a 10 week old baby who has more influence over me than any CEO ever had. I no longer am designing plans of health for people of my community but instead am watching and monitoring the health of one, my son.


As I wrote above, I THOUGHT my role as a corporate climber and a chiropractor came with a lot of responsibility, and importance. But the responsibilities of those roles do not hold a candle to the responsibility and importance I have as a SAHM. I am responsible for the health and well being of my child, his safety, his development, his EVERYTHING. I accept that responsibility with every ounce of my being.  It is true, at the end of the year, I likely will not be recognized with a plaque, an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii or a handsome bonus. However I will have had the joy of watching my son grow, learn, and thrive minute by minute moment by moment .  I wouldn’t trade a minute with my son for that plaque, trip or bonus. And it is for this reason I am a SAHM.


My apologies to all SAHMS for my previous lack of understanding and appreciation for what you do every day. I now understand, honor and respect your choice and mine.