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If you have ever wondered how foods are affecting your health, this is the program for you! Aches and pains, digestive concerns, skin issues, energy and mood imbalances, even sleep, can all improve when irritating foods are removed.
Through this community supported cleanse, we will identify common food intolerances, explore an anti-inflammatory diet, strategically eliminate foods, decrease toxic exposure from food and environment and observe as our health improves.  We will work together to understand how and why different foods can negatively impact our health and, most importantly, how to substitute foods that are both healthy and delicious! Take advantage of expert guidance with Dr. Caitlin O’Connor, a Naturopathic Physician and owner of All Families Natural Health. 

What is included:

  • A notebook with instructions, guidelines, etc. directing you on what foods to eliminate,
  • Timeline for reintroduction of foods,
  • Before and after symptom questionnaire,
  • Ideas for meals and snacks,
  • Gentle supplements to support the liver and gallbladder during detoxification,
  • Nourishing Meals cookbook (a personal favorite of Drs. Maura and Jacob) with over 300 delicious recipes to help you explore new foods,
  • Two group meetings – 3/26 & 4/9 , 6:00-7:30pm
  • Email access to Dr. Caitlin for any questions that come up during the cleanse.

Investment in yourself for everything described above:

$150 due by March 26th