The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~ Rajneesh

The part of this quote that resonates with me the most is the “newness” of motherhood. For many including myself, new things can be really exciting and they can be really scary. With both of our families living outside of Colorado, it was important for me to find communities of mamas nearby in Lakewood, The Highlands, and Golden that could provide me with support. Listed below are some things that I have done over the last three years that have been extremely helpful as I navigate the journey of motherhood.

Fit4Mom – Stroller Strides

As a prenatal chiropractor and exercise junkie, it was super important for me to get back to exercising as soon as possible postpartum. I found a Stroller-strides-facebook-fantastic exercise program and community with Stroller Strides.

Here is a description from their website: “Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller, and the environment. Taught by certified and specially trained fitness instructors, it is a great workout for any level of exerciser. Stroller Strides instructors weave songs and activities into the routine designed to entertain and engage baby, while moms are led through a series of exercises specific to her role as mom.” They offer both prenatal and postpartum classes

The really neat thing about Stroller Strides is that it is not just an exercise program. It is a community. Every time I work out with this group of moms, I end up talking with someone about something related to parenting. Often times I leave the park saying and feeling that I am not alone and other people are going through XYZ thing too.

Stroller Strides also coordinates play dates and moms’ night out. Both are great opportunities to connect with other moms and kiddos. I am a member of the group in The Highlands. There are other locations across the front range such as Denver, Golden, and Lakewood.

The mama’hood

The mama’hood is just a fantastic place full of support for new moms. The mama’hood is located in LoHi, a northwest neighborhood of Denver. At the mama’hood you will find prenatal and postpartum yoga classes. They are one of the best places to go for breastfeeding support. They also offer a variety of classes on parenting from discipline, to introducing solids, to babywearing, to …  you name it. As a prenatal chiropractor and mom, I think all moms in the northwest Denver area, need to know about this awesome resource.

chamomileApothecary Tinctura

Apothecary Tinctura is located on Sixth Avenue in Denver. There you will find herbalists and holistic health care professionals. Self-care is an important part of anyone’s health routine and I think it is even more critical for moms. As moms, we lovingly give all day long. It is so important to find a ritual that helps us restore and rejuvenate. In addition to my weekly chiropractic adjustments, I have regular appointments with the herbalist.  Needless to say, our bodies experience a lot of changes during pregnancy and postpartum. I have found the herbalists to be extremely helpful in restoring my hormonal function and energy levels.

Mom”me” Time

MommyTime_smFind time weekly to do whatever it is that reenergizes you. I have a sitter come to watch Jack for a few hours on Wednesday mornings. At first I felt it was indulgent. Then I realized it was essential for me and for Jack. During that time I take care of ME. What I do varies. What you do is not so important. The important thing when defining this time is doing something that is restorative for your mind and body. Some ideas include take a yoga class. I love Qi in Edgewater. Get a massage. Check out our new massage therapist at Well Beings, Emily Nelson. Grab a book and read at a local coffee shop. One of my favorites is the Windy Saddle in Golden. Take a walk and breathe in some fresh air. I love the loop around Crown Hill in Lakewood or the path along Clear Creek in Golden.

Find a Counselor

One of my clients once said, all she needs to stay healthy is a good therapist and a good chiropractor – I couldn’t agree more J. If you are finding the transition to motherhood challenging, find a good therapist. Having someone to normalize my feelings, guide me, and help me balance my roles has been a key ingredient as I continue to uncover who I am as a mom. There are many quality therapists in the metro Denver area. Here are some that I recommend:

Elizabeth Legg – The Road Less Traveled Counseling –

Jennifer Lucas Brown  –

Shadia Duske and Tricia Burton at Luna Counseling Center –

The ideas I wrote about here are supportive for me. I hope by reading this you gain some more balance, joy, and support in motherhood. Remember you are doing the best that you can with the tools that you have in this moment.

In health and happiness.

Dr. Maura