Chiropractic Care in Wheat Ridge for Infants and Children

Parents want their infants and children to get a healthy start in life and reach their maximum potential. Kids’ good health can seem far away, however, when infants struggle with weeks of colic or recurring ear infections, and children struggle with growing pains, ADHD or frequent colds. Fortunately, your Wheat Ridge chiropractor is highly skilled in safe, drug-free chiropractic care for kids of all ages.

Why Should Kids see a Chiropractor for Treatment?

Chiropractic care helps children get safe, drug-free pain relief treatment and even avoid pain and injury as they grow. Gentle chiropractic treatment for children optimizes their nervous systems’ abilities to control growth, development, the immune system, etc. Pediatric chiropractic care is essential because:

  • Between 80-90% of infants sustain neck and head injury from the birthing process, hindering optimal nervous system function.
  • Awkward spinal positioning in the womb impacts nervous system development.
  • Even when a mother has a healthy pregnancy and good prenatal care, delivery can be difficult for baby’s spinal alignment.

Since the nervous system controls every function within the body, even tiny spinal misalignments in children can pinch nerves and aggravate common childhood conditions like:

Wheat Ridge Chiropractor for the Whole Family

At Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health, we focus on care that helps at any stage of development:

  • During pregnancy, moms can receive prenatal chiropractic adjustments that make pregnancy more comfortable and delivery safer for moms and infants.
  • Infants just days old benefit from extremely gentle, drug-free, natural chiropractic care, enabling their nervous systems to function as nature intended, providing relief for common infant ailments like colic.
  • As children grow and move, our chiropractor can provide gentle adjustments that help them develop strong bodies, minds and immune systems.
  • Stressed out moms and dads can receive regular chiropractic care that helps them think, sleep, move and work with less pain and fewer common injuries and illnesses.

Holistic, Natural Chiropractic Care for Kids in Wheat Ridge

If you are currently pregnant, schedule a prenatal chiropractic appointment. If you just had a baby, schedule an appointment for postnatal and infant chiropractic care. Get the safe, drug-free treatment you and your children need to experience optimum health and pain relief today: 303.238.6500.