Kali Jones, Front Desk

Originally from Omaha, NE, Kali has decided to grow her family here in beautiful Colorado. Kali has been an NASM Certified Personal Trainer for the last two years previously working as a kickboxing instructor and weight loss consultant. Health and well-being has always been very important to her and she has been in chiropractic care herself for the last 10 years. Kali recently became a mother in January 2017 and faced several physical postpartum complications that put a lot of stress on her body. Chiropractic care has become a staple in her and her daughter’s postpartum care plan! A fun little fact about Kali is that she also loves to sing and play a little guitar. She released a CD back in 2009 and can now cross that off her bucket list! Next on her list is to hike and explore all the beautiful destinations in Colorado with her family.

Shandra Nagle, Office Manager

Shandra is a Colorado native and mom of two teenage girls.  Her first experience with chiropractic was when her younger daughter was having muscle spasms during soccer season.  Chiropractic care helped her to finish her season strong and continues to help her be an active athlete.
Shandra came to us from a start-up in the orthodontic industry as an Operations Manager.  She and her team of 50 oversaw orthodontic claims for over 200 orthodontic practices.  She made the switch to chiropractic to get back to having face to face contact with clients and attain a better work/life balance.  Shandra and her children can be found camping or hiking in their free time.