May is the month when we all think about Mom.  Maybe we remember to call her before she calls us,  send a card, show up with a bouquet of flowers, or take her out to dinner.  Whatever your Mother’s Day tradition might be, don’t forget about the true meaning of Mother’s Day – to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world.  To celebrate motherhood.

At Well Beings Chiropractic, nearly half of our Lakewood and Denver Metro area client base are mothers in all stages of motherhood and 20% of our clients seek our care during their pregnancy. Motherhood begins with pregnancy, and is often a time of deep bonding, nurturing and fulfillment for mom.  However, once the baby is born, most everyone turns their focus to the new little being and mom is expected to not only return to her pre-pregnant self, but care for this being who has turned her into a “Mother”.

fourth trimesterRecently in the Spring 2015 issue of Pathways Magazine, there was an article titled “The Fourth Trimester” by Courtney Meltvedt, D.C.  This article speaks to how postpartum recovery needs to be included into our view of the pregnancy term.  A healthy postpartum recovery includes, but is not limited to, establishing breastfeeding, ensuring the family adjusts to the new baby and especially helping mom feel supported during her emotional and physical recovery.  Some of the topics in the article include having enough food prepared to nourish mom and her family, getting enough rest, and accepting this new body that has undergone an incredible journey to create this baby.

One topic in the article that really spoke to us was the importance of continuing chiropractic care after the baby is born – during this “Fourth Trimester”.  All clients understand that their body is changing to accommodate the little being growing inside, but many don’t realize that there is just as an extreme change going on in their body after the baby is born.  This change happens much more rapidly and your body can adapt and integrate these changes much easier with regular chiropractic care.  The stress on your nervous system from the rapid changes cause many of the pregnancy symptoms like back pain, headaches and heartburn.  As your chiropractor realigns your spine and pelvis the nerves that exit the spine get a release from the tension and thus can function normally.

You also have another hormone coursing through your body called relaxin, which softens the joints and ligaments to allow space for baby to be born.  This also allows for easier misalignment of your joints.  Regular chiropractic care can help reduce the pain and discomfort and ease the stress on your nervous system.  At Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health we want to help your family stay on the path of health and wellness throughout all stages of your life.