Migraine Pain Relief Treatment with Your Wheat Ridge Chiropractor

Migraine headaches can halt a person’s life for days. Unfortunately, the go-to painkillers only give temporary migraine pain relief—and frequently, they come with unpleasant side effects, yet without actually resolving the underlying causes. Chiropractic care, however, can solve the root causes of migraines by restoring correct nervous system function—without drugs. Schedule an appointment with your Edgewater, Lakewood and Wheat Ridge chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health for natural migraine treatment today.

Why Do I Get Migraines?

Scientists think migraines have both genetic and biomechanical causes. About 12% of Americans suffer migraine headache attacks: 18% of women, 10% of children and 6% of men experience this excruciating head pain—90% of sufferers report a family history of migraines.

Biomechanically, researchers have found that when the trigeminal nerve is irritated, migraine attacks increase. The trigeminal nerve controls feeling and function to the head and face. Often, a neck injury like whiplash due to a sports injury or car accident injury can irritate this nerve, causing an increase in painful headaches and migraines. Poor posture from “tech neck” and other poor ergonomic habits can also increase migraine attacks.

Other common migraine triggers include:

  • Chemical imbalances from poor nutrition and environmental toxins
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Irregular sleep habits
  • Hormonal issues (migraines can be more frequent during pregnancy)
  • Certain foods and food additives

Chiropractic Care for Migraines: A Drug-Free Solution

Chiropractic care resolves most cases of migraines for the long term, without drugs, because it directly addresses the underlying reasons for migraine headaches. First, our chiropractor will carefully examine your posture, particularly in the neck area where the trigeminal nerve passes. We’ll also discuss lifestyle issues that may trigger your migraines. Then, using gentile chiropractic adjustments to un-pinch nerves, our chiropractor can help you get natural migraine pain relief treatment. He will also advise you on lifestyle changes that can help you avoid triggers so that you see a reduction in the severity and frequency of your migraines. Many of our chiropractor’s patients have experienced a complete, natural elimination of their migraines.

See the Chiropractor Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Edgewater Migraine Patients Trust for Pain Relief

Migraines don’t have to hamper your life! For effective, lasting migraine pain relief treatment, schedule an appointment with your Lakewood, Edgewater and Wheat Ridge chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health today for drug-free migraine headache relief: 303.238.6500.