Effective Mid Back Pain Relief Treatment with your Wheat Ridge Chiropractor

Although neck pain and lower back pain seem to be more common than upper and mid back pain, the fact is that your whole spine works together—an injury or misalignment in one area can cause a chain reaction leading to pain elsewhere in the spine. In fact, the 12 vertebrae that form the middle back (thoracic spine) connect to the rib cage, which does provide some extra protection. Still, middle back spasms, shoulder, rib and arm pain can all be connected. If you experience any of these, get drug-free pain relief treatment: Schedule an appointment with the chiropractor Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Edgewater families trust at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health: 303.238.6500.

Mid Back Pain and Injury Causes Respond Well to Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor can diagnose the underlying causes of your mid back pain or injury and provide accurate chiropractic treatment for lasting relief. Chiropractic care is safe and effective for everyone in the family, from babies and children to the working adult, athletes, pregnant women and grandparents. Mid back has so many ligaments, joints, muscles and tendons linking it to other parts of the spine, ribcage, arms and shoulders that a thorough exam is necessary to restore wellness:

  • Mid Back or Ribcage injury—a car accident injury or sports injury can strain and misalign the ribs, which are connected to the mid back. (Remember, even the passengers in an auto accident may experience an injury). Even children who participate in sports or just live an active childhood lifestyle can experience “growing pains” like this.
  • Poor Posture—Slouching, looking down at your mobile device all day and otherwise not practicing wise posture and ergonomics habits can also cause mid back pain from subluxations that pinch nerves, disc injury and strained soft tissues.
  • Pregnancy—Many pregnant women experience lower, mid and upper back pain during pregnancy because of the rapid structural and hormonal changes that take at this time. Chiropractic care is ideal during pregnancy because it’s safe, effective and drug-free.

Chiropractic Care Resolves Upper, Lower and Mid Back Pain Safely

Your Wheat Ridge chiropractor will carefully examine your injury and your medical history to determine the extent of your mid-back pain causes. After understanding the cause of your pain or injury, your chiropractor can accurately and gently adjust the vertebrae in your spine to restore biomechanical balance, remove strain from muscles, tendons and ligaments, un-pinch nerves and relieve pressure on compressed intervertebral discs. This natural, drug-free, holistic approach to mid back pain treatment provides safe relief for everyone in the family, even pregnant women, infants, children and anyone who wants to avoid the side effects of painkillers.

See the Chiropractor Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Edgewater Families Trust for Wellness

If anyone in your family struggles with mid back pain or any other musculoskeletal aches and pains, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health for safe and effective, drug-free treatment that can restore your wellness: 303.238.6500.