Massage for Movers with Valerie DeMasi LMT

July 19th 10 – 11amĀ 

The second class in the series teaches you how to adjust the strokes you already learned to your now mobile baby and introduces new strokes that are more appropriate for an older child. This class is for little ones who are crawling and/or walking. Massage can be done with any age, it’s all about how you position them. The sequences in this class include: face (teething), head, arms and back.

The class is an hour long and costs $30 per family (mom, baby, partner).

Limit 6 families per class.

All participants will receive a packet with everything we cover in class and a bottle of Sleep Massage Oil from the Baby Bodywork Product Line.


Next class is July 19th from 10-11 a.m.

Register at [email protected] or call Valerie at 303-931-1136

I look forward to meeting you and your little one!