Well Beings opened its doors in July 2010 with the mission of educating, empowering, and inspiring people toward health, healing, and wholeness through the chiropractic adjustment and a vitalistic lifestyle. Five years later, Drs. Maura & Jacob take a moment to reflect on how far they have come, what they remember fondly and what challenges they have faced.

Old Practice Back Room

Main adjusting area before the remodel.

Opening the doors on a warm July day in 2010, Dr. Jacob says he was thrilled to realize his longtime dream of finally starting to practice in his own office in Colorado.  Along the way, two major milestones stand out – getting married and Jack’s birth. He remarked, “These two things have helped me be an even better chiropractor.”

Drs. Maura & Jacob purchased the business, which had previously been known as Lakewood Back and Neck Center.  Dr. Maura remembers the huge undertaking to change the look and feel of the office (a complete remodel!) as well as the name and logo.  “It was really cool one time when I was sitting in the reception area and there were only pregnant women and children surrounding me.  I had a big smile on my face realizing our dream had come true!” she said.

santa getting adjusted

Dr. Maura adjusting Santa for the big day!

Over the years Well Beings has had fun celebrating holidays and giving back to the community in creative ways. Dr. Jacob’s favorite is the 12 days of Chiropractic, where we give away a different gift or prize each day leading up to Christmas.  Pack the Pantry, in November, is a standout for Dr. Maura.  She remembers “It was one of the first promotions that we did and I remember feeling so proud seeing all the food we collected, knowing that we were helping the community.”

There have also been some unexpected challenges and surprises during the past five years.  Dr. Maura can’t believe how far the business has come in the past five years and almost always runs into a client when out and about in the community.  Dr. Jacob felt like he had a crash course in running a business and was able to overcome and work through some of those challenges by the support they have received from other local businesses and wonderfully helpful clients.  “It’s amazing to have such a close community not only here in Lakewood, but the surrounding West Metro Denver area.”


Out for a hike along a glacier.

Many clients wonder just what do the doctors do on Thursdays, their weekday off.  Dr. Jacob likes to be active – skiing, hiking, working out and learning.  His favorite thing to do is just be with his family, whether at home, in the mountains or on another adventure in the Denver area.  Dr. Maura enjoys discovering new meals because she loves nutrition and cooking.  She also loves practicing yoga because it gives her strength and balance, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So where do they go from here? There is only one direction they wish to go, and that is up. Dr. Jacob’s vision for Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health is continued growth so they can help more families live healthy lives. He sees them adding more practitioners, growing to a new space, and being the premier location in West Denver for pediatric, prenatal, and family health. Dr. Maura adds, “When people think prenatal chiropractic care, they think Well Beings. When people think pediatric care, they think Well Beings.”

GreenSmoothie21Let’s raise up our glasses of green smoothies and toast Well Beings on many more years of spreading health and wellness throughout our community! Cheers!