When you step through the doors at Well Beings Chiropractic in Lakewood, Colorado, you’ll be greeted by our happy and helpful front desk staff.  They will make sure you are comfortable, offering a bottle of water or cup of tea. After filling out the intake forms online in advance of your first visit, you’ll be all set to see the chiropractor when you arrive.

We have an open office environment at Well Beings, with adjusting tables and an area for active recovery which includes tools for stretching and strengthening. We also have a kids play area complete with a coloring table, a play mat, and many toys and books to keep your little ones occupied.

The chiropractor will come out to greet you and show you around the office. The chiropractor will then take you in for your appointment. Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes.  Once you have finished with the chiropractor, we will schedule a follow up appointment. At this appointment you’ll be given the chiropractor’s report and the suggested care plan.