Over the last three years I have given all of me to motherhood. It’s the way I do things. A passion is ignited in me and I “go big or go home”. I waited a long time to be a mom and I am grateful, so very grateful that I get to be Jack’s mom. And, over the years I have missed being in business. However, as the desire to “go back to work” kept surfacing I pushed it away because I did not see a way to do both. If I went back to practice full time, we would then put Jack in daycare full-time and that is not a choice that Jacob and I wanted to make.

diamondThere have been many universal messages over the last year indicating that I needed to create balance with motherhood. I didn’t want to listen because I thought I was being a “bad” mom if I followed a dream. I could just put things on hold until Jack was older. I finally realized that by going for my dreams, I am teaching Jack to go for his dreams. I am teaching him that there are many parts to this person he calls mom. (He actually calls me Maura 90% of the time but that’s just a minor detail.) Instead of feeling guilty about approaching and embracing my goals, desires, and dreams I was suddenly empowered by the important life lesson I am sharing with Jack.

One of my passions is business. I know to some, this may sound weird, but I LOVE business. I love creating business ideas, strategizing, marketing, and executing. Another passion of mine is natural health. It brings me great pleasure to share ideas on natural health with my family, my community, and really … the world. Thirdly, I love teaching. As a mom, I teach. As a chiropractor, I teach. As I salesperson, I teach.

This all has come together for me in my new adventure with doTERRA. We started using essential oils years ago. Over the last year we have significantly increased our awareness and therefore use of essential oils as a way to support our health in many areas. We use essential oils for emotional balance, stress support, immune support, sleep support, cooking, cleaning, and more. We had NO, I mean NO interest in the business side of doTERRA initially. However, the more we used the oils, the more we more buying and my dear friend Stacy introduced me to the benefits of the business.

I recently returned from doTERRA’s annual convention. I am beyond impressed with their company, their products, their humanitarian efforts, and the fact that the majority of people who generate the revenue are WOMEN/ MOMS!!! In the few days I have been working the business of essential oils, something in me has come alive again. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. My body feels better. I feel happy. I am honoring a side of me that I have been ignoring.  I am choosing the doTERRA business because it offers me the opportunity to stay at home with Jack and build a home based business.

For those wondering, I am not leaving the chiropractic practice. I have a passion for helping pregnant women that remains unwavering. I will continue to utilize my expertise to help more women have comfortable pregnancies and the birth of their desire through prenatal chiropractic care. One of my life’s work is to help women be all that they can be and this doTERRA business is simply another way to do that.

Essential oils are a great way to support your health naturally and I want to get the message out to as many people as I can. Stay tuned for announcements for upcoming classes in Lakewood, CO and online. I also am available for classes at your business, school, social, group, or home. I am offering individual complimentary essential oils consultations. To schedule a consultation email me at [email protected].

If this post creates curiosity for you around the benefits of essential oils and/ or the possibility of a home based business, please reach out to me. You can email me [email protected], PM me, text me, call me- whatever. I want to help. I know there are moms like me who want to be at home with their children while also creating an income. Please visit my website at www.mydoterra.com/maurafletcher.

When something ignites a passion in me, I’m pretty unstoppable and life is fun. I invite you to join the ride.