The world can be an overwhelmingly big place.  The key to not being swept away by the largness is to find connections that can ground you.  These connections take on all forms – social, ecological, spiritual and physical.  When we feel these connections, we can sympathize and empathize with those around us. In our physical body, connection between the brain and body is essential for our nervous system to function optimally.  Chiropractic adjustments can help restore the brain-body connection and remove interference in the nervous system.

Consider this scenario: You’ve been working long hours all week, missing outings with friends, your child’s soccer games and dinner with your family. After a particularly restless night of sleep, you realize you forgot about a 9am meeting.  Driving there, you swing by a fast-food chain to grab coffee and breakfast because you are running late.  Traffic jams and the sense that you aren’t prepared for the meeting make your body tense.  All you are focused on is getting to the meeting.

overwhelmWith weeks like this, it’s easy to see how quickly we can disconnect.  When we don’t take time for family and friends, we can forget that life can be joyful and meaningful and not just about work.  When we mindlessly ingest food, we lose our connection to the nourishment it provides.  When we have mental and emotional stress in our lives, our physical body suffers.

If any part of this resonates with you, we encourage you to make an effort to find one connection every day and focus on it.  Whether that’s taking 5 minutes to chat with an old friend you bump into, preparing a meal with your family or getting a chiropractic adjustment at your favorite Lakewood family chiropractor, it’s time to get reconnected.

To read more about connection, see Issue 45/Spring 2015 of Pathways Magazine, p. 44-45, “On Connection”.