Every Thursday 6:30 – 8:00pm

A Four Part Series Co-Facilitated By:

Cindy Nasky, CHHP

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor


Lori Jackson, MA, NCC,

Mental Health Therapist


This specialized group is designed to offer materials for members to carry with them in their lives as well as a variety of learning and experiential tools.

Each session offers members educational materials, hands on activities, group work, external and internal processing, homework, support, normalcy and connection.

Sessions are designed to have a smaller number of participants in order to build security, intimacy and trust amongst participants and members.


The series will cover topics and experiences such as:

  • Understanding, indentifying and framing emotional eating
  • Nutritional and mental health aspects of emotional eating (utilizing expertise from each facilitator)
  • Power struggles of eating, society, self, family, friends and life pressures
  • Readings from Breaking Free From Emotional Eating, by Geneen Roth
  • Self Identification of emotional eating, patterns, triggers and cues
  • Learning to trust ourselves, and to celebrate incremental change
  • Identifying hunger (what are you hungry for)
  • Learning to love ourselves, today, now and forever
  • Engaging in vulnerability and letting go of judgment

To register or gain more information, call Lori @ 720.432.2813 or Cindy at 303.520.6307