Watch TV? … Work out?

Take out? … Take time to make a meal?

Fight? … Find patience?

Salad? … Sandwich?

Water? … Wine?

Fruit? .. Fudge?


Do you make decisions that play tricks on your body or give your body a treat? Daily we have the opportunity to make decisions to support our health. To some, taking care of their health seems like a HUGE responsibility. And quite frankly, it is. Lots of things are impossible when health is compromised. When I was actively practicing chiropractic, I would often say that being healthy is not a difficult equation. Eat well. Move Well. Think Well. Have a clear communication channel between your body and brain (i.e. have a healthy nervous system). That equation may seem oversimplified to some, but really health is not that complicated. Now, committing to making the decisions time after time, day in and day out, that can be the tough part. But the good news is every day, multiple times a day you have multiple opportunities to make decisions to support your health. So if at breakfast you had a pop tart and chocolate milk, don’t beat yourself up. At lunch, choose a salad! It’s Monday night and you feel like watching the game instead of going to the gym, allow yourself that entertainment and commit to working out on Tuesday (or better yet do planks, squats or lunges during the commercials!) I like to apply the 80/20 rule. 80% or more of the time, I commit to making choices that support my health. The other 20% of the time is my wiggle room. With my perfectionist personality it is helpful to have the wiggle room of 20%. It helps me take it easy on myself when I choose a brownie over berries for dessert.  If you are starting your journey to better health, try applying the 80/20 rule! Make choices that give your body a treat instead of a trick.