In July of 2010 Jacob and I attended a chiropractic seminar called Total Solutions. Part of the seminar was training on the software we use in the practice to identify nerve interference. The other part of the seminar was life coaching, goal setting, releasing fears and limits, and creating visions. Part of the training involved a ropes course which included jumping from a telephone pole (with a harness on). People ran into trouble on the pole when their thinking and fears got in the way. The most successful jumps were the ones where people climbed the pole, reached the top, and jumped. The theme for the weekend and in particular the pole jumping was COMMIT and GO.

Recently Dominick was cleaning out the back room and found the above picture of Jacob jumpin which reminded ME to COMMIT and GO for 2013. The picture provided me with the opportunity to sit back, take inventory on my intentions for 2013 and RECOMMIT and GO. The other day I heard that a researcher conducted a study that concluded that the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year. One of the reasons cited for this finding was the fact that people had fallen short of or lost their commitment to their new year’s resolutions. Is this you?  Don’t let the fall from commitment get you down. Use the opportunity to do as I did and take inventory. Ask yourself if the resolutions you made still serve you? If yes, make a decision to recommit. It takes 3 to 21 days to break an old habit or create a new one so take it one day at a time. Put tools in place to help you keep to your commitment. One of the most supportive tools for achieving your goals is to WRITE them down. Another helpful tool is to know the why behind your resolution and have that written down next to your resolution. Typically if there is not a driving, self-guided, soulful purpose behind a decision to do something it is more challenging to keep the commitment to that something. Reward yourself for keeping your commitment. Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. The best person to do that for yourself is YOU. If you fall, don’t let it get you down. Reassess and recommit as many times as you need.  It is ok to let go of a resolution if keeping it really doesn’t serve you at the time. Be honest with yourself when reassessing.

This picture was a great reminder for me and a great visual to help me RECOMMIT and GO. I hope it serves a purpose for you too. It’s a new month. What would you like to see happen for you?  Make the decision and COMMIT and GO!