circuit1Your body is a self-healing organism. This is quite a powerful statement we often forget when we are experiencing discomfort or dis-ease.  Your nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, is the Master Control Center for your body. Think of it like an electrical wiring system, where messages pass back and forth from your body to your brain.  Every organ, tissue, cell – even your thoughts – are directly dependent on proper nervous system function.

Any interference with the function of the nervous system will interfere with the entire human experience. There is nothing that does not involve the nervous system. When one part of your body is overstressed, it signals to the brain that there is a problem.  Your brain will then try to fix the problem by making other parts of your body work harder.  Interference decreases the body’s ability to heal and regulate properly.  Overtime, this will throw off the balance of the nervous system.  When the nervous system doesn’t work correctly, neither do you. 

balance2Chiropractic works by reducing and eliminating nervous system interference (or subluxations), thereby restoring your body’s healing potential.  Through gentle, specific adjustments of the spine, chiropractors can restore and maintain your health.