So many of us keep our little ones busy with after-school activities, and the bulk of those activities are sports. From soccer, football, baseball, swimming — you name it — our kiddos are getting wonderful exercise and forming great bonds with their teammates. But we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we see our child go down on the field and we think, “Oh no, what did they hurt?” Or maybe your child is working his or her body to the limit during their sport, and you start to notice that certain muscles or joints are bothering them.

soccerAs great as sports are, they do tend to cause wear and tear on the human body, especially during the developmental phase that children are going through.

Pathways to Family Wellness reports that 3.5 million children under 14 are treated for sports injuries annually and that nearly half are due to overuse while more than half are preventable.

While it’s important for injuries to be treated, it’s also important for child athletes — like everyone else — to receive chiropractic adjustments to help maintain wellness and address problems before they become obvious. Sometimes, this might mean a shove in a sport causing mild whiplash and jolting the neck creating gradual discomfort that could have been avoided with a chiropractic adjustment right away. Or, it can mean your child suffering with aches and pains that they start to see as normal because they just don’t realize that the sport doesn’t have to mean pain. Untreated, we can carry these aches and pains and misalignments into adulthood.

As explained in an article at ePainAssist, “(the) majority of the chronic ailments seen in adults originate from childhood traumas or repetitive activities. Pediatric chiropractic care focuses on the long-term health benefits along with immediate problems.”

The more stress caused to the body, the more worn down it will be, making your child even more vulnerable for injury. Help your child be in optimal health no matter how active he or she is. From rehabbing past injuries, to maintaining your child’s healthy physical state, Dr. Fletcher at Well Beings Chiropractic takes his time with each client, from babies to adults, to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

We respect you and your child’s passion for sports and want to be of assistance to help your child become the healthiest athlete they can be.

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