Giving birth is one of the most precious gifts. However, sometimes pregnancy is far from enjoyable. The female body undergoes so many changes during those nine months to become hospitable for your little one, and during that transformation, your body might have to endure some new aches and pains. One of the big ones, recognized as pain throughout your legs, is sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and provides sensory and motor function to your lower extremities. Sciatica during happens occurs when the nerve is irritated due to the weight of the baby, because it runs right below the uterus, to your legs.

Most pregnant women who experience sciatica find that it’s an issue during the late second and third trimesters. Fortunately, there are highly effective drug-free options to treat sciatic that can be provided by a health care provider and supplemented by you.

Avoiding unnecessary medications is pertinent, especially when housing a growing fetus. At Well Beings Chiropractic, we are able to help relieve sciatic nerve pain through specific chiropractic adjustments. Releasing the tension in the affected joints and nerves can produce almost instant relief from the pain. Our adjustments, combined with actions you can take at home help ensure your relief from sciatica.

pregnant-coupleSome things you can do to help reduce sciatic pain include:

It is common that sciatica experienced during the pregnancy will no longer be present once the child is born. Of course, each body is different, but with chiropractic care, you can rest knowing that you are taking the most effective and healthiest course of action to relieve those frustrating aches and pains that can make it difficult to enjoy pregnancy.

If you are experiencing sciatica or other aches and pains due to pregnancy, please, call us today at 303-238-6500 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maura or Dr. Jacob. We would love to be of assistance to ensure you have the most comfortable pregnancy possible.