Drug-Free, Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Edgewater

Tingling in the fingers, sharp wrist pain and loss of grip strength are key symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome—one of the most common work-related injury diagnoses in America. People who work on computers, mobile devices, machines, food production and musical instruments are highly susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also be a companion diagnosis to conditions like arthritis, diabetes and even a whiplash neck injury. Fortunately, non-invasive, drug-free chiropractic care resolves carpal tunnel syndrome. Schedule an appointment with your Lakewood, Edgewater and Wheat Ridge chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health and get your grip back: 303.238.6500.

What is a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrist Injury?

The carpal tunnel is a small, rigid, bony tunnel inside of your wrist. The median nerve, several tendons, and blood vessels all pass through this small space. The median nerve controls movement and sensation in your hand and most of the fingers. Inflammation or injury can pinch the median nerve, causing pain, tingling and numbness:

  • Wrist injury—Swelling of tendons in the carpal tunnel can pinch the median nerve.
  • Neck injury—Nerves in the neck that travel down into the arm and connect to the wrist can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. In fact, two symptoms of whiplash that people often think are unrelated include increased migraines, arm and wrist pain.
  • Poor posture, ergonomics and overuse—hours of poor ergonomics while typing, working or texting can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Other conditions—Any condition that causes inflammation or swelling in this area can lead to wrist pain: arthritis, obesity, diabetes and glandular dysfunction. Many women report carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms during pregnancy as well.

Chiropractic Care Can Resolve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally

Chiropractic care goes straight to the root causes of nerve impingement throughout the body, and the wrist in particular, providing drug-free carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief treatment that lasts. Your chiropractor will evaluate posture and biomechanical aspects of your injury. Chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle modifications to improve posture and ergonomics, as well as strengthening exercises and stretches can provide lasting wrist pain relief.

The Chiropractor Wheat Ridge, Edgewater and Lakewood Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patients Trust

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in Wheat Ridge, Lakewood or Edgewater, schedule an appointment today with our chiropractor at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health for drug-free wrist pain relief to restore your grip on life: 303.238.6500.