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Pack the Pantry!!

Well Beings is proud to hold our annual Pack the Pantry event to support Jeffco Action Center and our local community.

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Gratitude – A Daily Practice

Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.
– John Henry Jowett

Gratitude: The state of being grateful; thankfulness

Thanks: Grateful feelings or thoughts; gratitude

Grateful: Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful

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Testimonial from Donna C.

“Met by chance at the metaphysical fair 1st weekend of September. My complaints – many – excessive sweating, pain, no energy, numb hands – just not feeling well period. I’ve had 17 surgeries on my back and knees since 1997.

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ALINE Testimonial

We received a great testimonial from one of our clients today so I thought I would share.

Dr. Jacob,

I wanted to say thanks for working with me and correctly fitting orthotics to my feet.

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To Flu or Not to Flu?

Wednesday, October 17th 6:30 - 7:30 Concerned with the flu season? Concerned with managing your child's health this school year? Before you decide to get a flu shot, make sure to attend Dr. Jacob's talk on how to keep your family's immune health optimal through the...

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Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

On September 18, 1895 the first chiropractic adjustment was given by Dr. DD Palmer, a magnetic healer of the time, to Harvey Lillard. Mr. Lillard,

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Parenting & Attachment Class

A class around the unexpected expectations of being a parent, losing oneself, finding time and happiness in our lives for our partners, children and selves; along with the most effective ways to attach to a child no matter their age.

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Free Parenting Support Group

This group is designed to provide education, guidance, community, and a fulfilled sense of your parenting skills. Topics discussed will range from the challenges of transitions,

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Tuition Receipt from The Palmer School of Chiropractic!

What a great find! A client came across his fathers receipt for tuition to The Palmer School of Chiropractic. The date reads May 1919 and the tuition was $285!  SO COOL!!! I want to thank the Lowery's for bringing this in and letting us share it. We just celebrated...

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