I remember loving back to school time as a child. Maybe it was the forever learner in me, my love for structure, the opportunity to be with my friends or maybe it was the excitement of starting anew. For something that may appear same old same old, back to school is anything but that. It is another time in the year for transition. A time where the slate is clean, the books are new, the notebooks are empty and the opportunity is there to create and recommit. That’s one of the great things about being a student. As a student, every day presents new information and new opportunities for learning. As adults how can we embrace this concept in our own lives? Although we may not formally be in a classroom, how can we use the world as our classroom? How can we be a student of life every day looking for opportunities for new information and learning? Part of the answer is simply being aware that every day the world presents us with lessons. When we open our mind to this awareness, it’s difficult to ignore the lessons that come our way. We can choose to open up to the lesson or ignore it.  During this back to school time I encourage you to embrace the time of transition. Perhaps set some “school year” goals of your own and recommit to some goals that maybe took a back burner over the summer months. Review the spokes on your wheel of wellness (physical health, financial health, family health, social health, career health, spiritual health and mental health). Is your wheel balanced? Are there areas that need love and attention? Take this time to review and recommit.  Imagine an empty seven subject notebook with tabs for each spoke of the wheel. At the end of the school year what do you want to be on those pages? What story do you want to write? Be a kid again! Think big! Think no limits! Be creative!