Why do I work out? Why should you work out?

For totally different reasons. While you may read countless articles about why you should exercise, some of the health benefits are more obvious: weight maintenance, stress relief, longevity, muscle mass, etc. As the owner of a CrossFit gym, I’ve heard every reason why someone walks through my doors:

man-in-running-shoes-ready-to-run-picjumbo-com“I want to get toned”

“I want to get rid of my muffin top”

“I want an hour away from my kids”

“I want an hour away from my spouse”

“I want to climb THAT rope”

“I want to not be a lazy bum anymore”

“I want a six pack”

And, you know what I tell each person? “That’s the right reason.”

Exercise is personal, and it should be. Because what motivates you is personal – and something you must figure out on your own.

Why do I work out? It centers me. It makes me feel strong and confident and I’m always surprised that I can push myself further than I think. It reduces my stress and anxiety. I’m competitive by nature, and I love that CrossFit allows me to access that competitive streak in a safe and supportive environment. I am not naturally inclined to be good at gymnastics movements (pull ups, push ups, etc.) so I work out to prove that I can keep up with those that are.

I push my body hard because I love the way it makes me feel – most of the time. Sometimes I push a little TOO hard (remember that whole competitive streak thing?) and rely on my “squad” of wellness peeps: Dr. Jacob keeps my body aligned, my massage therapist keeps my muscle pliable, and a physical therapist with whom I check in somewhat regularly to ward off any potential injuries.

Whatever reason you find for yourself to work out, make sure you’re surrounded by people who support your journey. Exercise for you – find your “why” and give yourself a LOT of credit for doing something that’s exclusively yours. Then, go back the next day and do it all over again.

Thank you to our community partner, Leslie, at CrossFit DeCO for writing this guest blog post.  Look for more guest posts from our community partners this year!


5 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Boost Your Immune System

5 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Boost Your Immune System

johann-walter-bantz-198023Whether you have a full-blown cold, suffer from asthma or allergies, or just feel like something is “off,” receiving a chiropractic adjustment may help cure what ails you. While chiropractic adjustments don’t directly treat these issues, several studies and research spanning 100 years provide evidence that by properly aligning the spine, the immune system gets a boost

  1. Clear Communication: Proper spinal alignment frees your nervous system pathways, creating clear communication between the brain and nervous system, which controls your body’s functions. Adjustments to areas of the spine between the mid-section and neck impact the involuntary functions of your nervous system such as digestion, breathing and heart beating, also including immune response.
  2. Reduced Stress: When your body is properly aligned, your spine is free of subluxations, which research shows can cause stress to your spine and irritate the nerve pathways, hindering your immune system function and making you more susceptible to illness.
  3. Increased White Blood Cells: A study found that the number of white blood cells — which are key to the body fighting off disease and infection — rose just 15 minutes after chiropractic adjustment. This is important because with more white blood cells, your immune system is stronger and that, combined with a nervous system that can freely communicate with the brain, helps your body perform at its optimal level, no matter your age.
  4. Maintenance Mode: Initial studies showing that chiropractic adjustments have a positive affect on flu symptoms date back 100 years. In addition, another study found that people under chiropractic care for more than five years showed a 200 percent greater immune function than those who did not.

  5. Fighting the Good Fight: When your immune system functions at its highest level, it can better fight off dangerous bacteria and viruses while not overreacting to things like pollen, dairy, and other common allergens that the body incorrectly thinks it needs to fight off.

To learn more about how adult and pediatric chiropractic adjustments can help ease allergies, asthma, the common cold, flu and more for you or your child, contact Well Beings Chiropractic in Lakewood, Colorado, at 303-238-6500.

How Lakewood Chiropractor Cares for You After an Accident

When you’ve been in an auto accident, there is more that you should be on the lookout for than signs of whiplash. At Well Beings Chiropractic in Lakewood, we see numerous clients who have been in car accidents, and we focus on treating each individual’s symptoms rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach. Each accident is different as is each body, and it’s imperative that chiropractic adjustments account for that.

Some of the auto accident-related injuries that Dr. Jacob Fletcher has treated at Well Beings Chiropractic include whiplash, headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain, numbness and tingling.

Clients coming in for an adjustment following an auto accident can expect Dr. Jacob to listen to their explanation of how they were impacted in the collision and details of any physical discomfort they’re feeling, no matter how mild or severe. Even if you aren’t sure how your symptoms could be directly related to your car accident, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

13614977_1117851581594448_963593261563736829_nYou may be surprised to know that low-speed fender-benders can cause greater injury than accidents that occur at higher rates of speed. That’s because cars are made to absorb the impact of a collision, but in slow-speed accidents, the impact might not be great enough to crush part of the car and impact is instead transferred to the people inside.

Dr. Jacob encourages people in auto accidents to seek chiropractic care sooner than later. “It is important to get checked right after an accident, as that is the best time to start the healing process,” he says. “Scar tissue starts forming immediately and is best handled within a short time from the initial injury. If it’s not, much bigger problems can occur months or even years later.”

While it may be tempting to wait until uncomfortable symptoms appear before seeking chiropractic care, Colorado makes it easier to get care sooner than later. As of Jan. 1, 2009, most Colorado drivers have $5,000 in medical coverage — or Med Pay — on their auto insurance policy. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, drivers must opt out of the coverage, otherwise it’s automatically added to their policy when buying or renewing. Drivers can choose to purchase a different amount of the coverage, but by default, it is $5,000 per accident.

If you have been in an auto accident, contact us at 303-238-6500 to learn more about how our team at Well Beings Chiropractic can help you get and stay well, and for information on how we work with Med Pay to cover your care.

Fourth Trimester Changes: How Chiropractic Can Help

Over the course of a pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many awe-inspiring changes as it transforms to be able to grow and carry a child. It’s generally assumed that there will be some discomfort and various aches and pains over the course of a pregnancy that chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Jacob can help reduce. But what is not so often discussed is the transformation that continues for the mother’s body beyond birth, during the fourth trimester.

While the common pregnancy symptoms such as backaches, neck aches, heartburn, sciatica and headaches subside, others may take their place as the body transforms even more rapidly to account for a baby no longer being in the womb.

baby-and-momOne reason for fourth trimester discomfort is because a woman’s spine becomes “soft” at the end of pregnancy, due to a hormone called relaxin. The body creates relaxin to soften the joints and ligaments to help the pelvis open wider in preparation for giving birth. But once the baby is born, she may develop aches and pains because of the spine still being softer than it would normally be, causing it to become misaligned more easily than usual through typical everyday activities and the new activities of nursing and carrying a baby.

According to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association , chiropractic adjustments can help ease this post-birth transformation. They do this by adjusting the pelvis and spine to ensure that they are properly aligned and therefore aren’t causing stress on the nervous system.

If you are a pregnant woman or a new mom, contact Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health in Lakewood, Colorado, today at 303-238-6500 and see how Dr. Jacob can help you live optimally and with minimal discomfort throughout pregnancy and beyond.


Help Your Child Fight the Flu With Chiropractic Care 

With the colder temperatures comes more time indoors near other people and fewer opportunities to get out and get fresh air. In other words, cold and flu season is upon us.

As adults, we are familiar with the phrase that something is “going around” as we seemingly watch one person after the next go down with an illness. Parents of children who are in day care or are school age are acutely aware of this concept as an ailment seems to pass from one child to the next in a classroom or school. But while many children may catch a cold or the flu that is “going around,” many do not. There can be several reasons for this, but one that is particularly important is a strong immune system that is prepared to fight off bacteria and viruses. Proper nutrition and plenty of sleep are keys to a strong immune system, and chiropractic is also increasingly seen as an important immunity-boosting factor.

mom-and-kidThis is because there is now understood to be a strong connection between the nervous system and the immune system. Chiropractic adjustments directly impact the nervous system, which is considered the control center of the entire body and includes your brain, spinal cord and nerves, because adjustments put the body back into proper alignment and eliminate interference between the nervous system and the rest of the body.  When parts of the body are misaligned, there is interference in the transmission of nerve impulses, affecting various parts of the body, including the immune systems. Among other connections between the nervous and immune systems are adrenal glands, and chemicals and hormones that are produced by cells of both systems. According to Pathways to Wellness, research has also shown that “the brain uses nerve cells to communicate directly with the immune system.”

It’s been nearly 100 years since chiropractic care was first linked to improved immunity. During the flu epidemic of 1917 and 1918, chiropractic patients fared better than the general population, and a study of the data found that “flu victims under chiropractic care had an estimated .25 percent death rate, considerably less than the normal rate of 5 percent among flu victims who received no chiropractic care.” In more recent times, other studies have shown connections between chiropractic and immunity, like one that determined that “disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher just 15 minutes after spinal adjustments.”

While we try to do all that we can to prevent our children from getting a cold, we can’t keep them in a bubble, stopping them from coming into contact with the illness-causing virus or bacteria. That’s why it’s important to take the step of having your child visit Dr. Jacob Fletcher for pediatric chiropractic adjustments to ensure that the nervous system is in alignment and that all of the body’s systems are functioning well so that the immune system can be prepared to fight off any flu or cold-causing germs your child is sure to come in contact with. Call us at Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health in Lakewood, Colorado, at 303-238-6500 to learn how we can help boost your child’s immune system this flu season.


2016 Pack the Pantry Food Drive

LogoCalling all clients and soon-to-be clients! You won’t want to miss out on the fun at Well Beings Chiropractic this month!  We will be collecting food items to donate to The Action Center of Jefferson County all month and giving back to our clients at the same time.

Our New Client Special* will run November 7-23, 2016.  New clients – including prenatal & pediatric – will receive an initial evaluation for only $29 when they bring in 10 food items.  Call 303-238-6500 to schedule your visit today.  A $119 value!

Client Appreciation Day* will be Wednesday, November 23.  All clients who have been seen in our Lakewood office within the past year can receive a $10 chiropractic adjustment when they bring in 10 food items.

Food items that are needed include: canned vegetables, mac n cheese, beans, pasta/sauce, canned fruit, cereal, cereal bars, peanut butter, and canned fruit.

*excludes Medicare clients

Sleep and the Spine: How Pediatric Chiropractic Could Be the Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

Putting your little one down to bed can be a trying task. You want your child to have a good night’s sleep so they can be their best the next day. And you always want them to have a good night’s sleep so that YOU can have a good night’s sleep. But fear not, pediatric chiropractor Dr. Jacob Fletcher at Well Beings Chiropractic is here to help your child get better sleep.

kids-matChildren are in a constant state of development and growth, which causes plenty of stress on their spine. In fact, the stress on the spine begins due to the “position it is forced to adopt in utero.”  Also, with an active child, sports and even playing on the playground can start to put even more stress on the back. Typically, the issues caused by spinal stress are referred to as spinal dysfunction or subluxation and a common symptom is trouble sleeping. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help improve the alignment of a child’s spine, just as it does with adults.

How do you know if your child suffers from a subluxation? Here are some warning signs:

  • disturbed sleeping patterns
  • breastfeeding difficulties in the very young
  • restricted head or neck movement to one side
  • one shoulder higher than the other


Dr. Jacob Fletcher provides pediatric chiropractic adjustments to babies and children every day and is highly trained and experienced in relieving pediatric spine issues. The adjustments that he will perform on your child are age appropriate, ranging from gentle pressure for infants to adjustments of spinal joints for older children.  At Well Beings Chiropractic, we specialize in pediatrics and ensuring your child is comfortable. Typically, your child’s subluxation can be corrected in a few sessions and your whole family can sleep better at night thanks to your child’s healthy alignment.

If you are interested in any of our services, or have any questions about Well Beings Chiropractic could be of assistance to your family, please call us at 303.238.6500.

How to Avoid the Possibility of a Cesarean Section Through Chiropractic

Bringing a child into the world is can be one of the most taxing, yet fulfilling, things the female body endures. The original plan is to have a vaginal birth, however, that’s not always the case. Due to the position of the baby in utero, a cesarean birth is required. After a woman completes a C-Section with one of her children, they tend to fear that a cesarean procedure will be required for their next pregnancy. However, vaginal birth after cesarean, often referred to as VBAC, is absolutely a possibility, especially with the help of chiropractic care.

“I get to be a part of giving her her power back,” Dr. Maura Fletcher says in explaining helping woman with VBAC. Helping women with achieving a VBAC is Dr. Maura’s favorite part of chiropractic care. At Well Beings Chiropractic, Dr. Maura and Dr. Jacob are experts in helping you to achieve the vaginal birth you desire. Below, Dr. Maura shares her thoughts on chiropractic care and VBAC.

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE-QQldBooA&list=PLJhDc992o0qsDXH6WIx3a6T8e7K5bIB3C&index=5″ title=”VBAC” color=”white” modestbranding=”1″ autohide=”1″]

Through chiropractic care, the baby’s positioning is much more predictable. With sessions at Well Beings Chiropractic, we will help provide pelvic and lower back relief. This will help with the positioning of your baby in the womb, leading to an easier labor. Below, Jill shares how Well Beings was a vital part of her VBAC with her second child:

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GXSL3u0f0A&index=1&list=PLJhDc992o0qsDXH6WIx3a6T8e7K5bIB3C” title=”VBAC%20Client%20Experience” color=”white” modestbranding=”1″ autohide=”1″]

We are honored to be a part of her journey and to help her achieve the VBAC she wanted.

Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to increase the chances of a successful VBAC. At Well Beings Chiropractic, we are focused on relieving lower back pain, as well as “opening” your hips so that the spine and pelvis are aligned. Holistically, your body will become the perfect home for your little one for the nine months that they will be residing.

Dr. Jacob and Dr. Maura are trained in the Webster Technique, giving them advanced training in caring for pregnant women. If you would like to learn more about VBAC and how chiropractic care can be the missing link to success, please call us at 303.238.6500. We will be sure to answer any questions you may have about our services and how we can be of assistance.

Causes of Sciatica During Pregnancy and How to Reduce Discomfort

Giving birth is one of the most precious gifts. However, sometimes pregnancy is far from enjoyable. The female body undergoes so many changes during those nine months to become hospitable for your little one, and during that transformation, your body might have to endure some new aches and pains. One of the big ones, recognized as pain throughout your legs, is sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and provides sensory and motor function to your lower extremities. Sciatica during happens occurs when the nerve is irritated due to the weight of the baby, because it runs right below the uterus, to your legs.

Most pregnant women who experience sciatica find that it’s an issue during the late second and third trimesters. Fortunately, there are highly effective drug-free options to treat sciatic that can be provided by a health care provider and supplemented by you.

Avoiding unnecessary medications is pertinent, especially when housing a growing fetus. At Well Beings Chiropractic, we are able to help relieve sciatic nerve pain through specific chiropractic adjustments. Releasing the tension in the affected joints and nerves can produce almost instant relief from the pain. Our adjustments, combined with actions you can take at home help ensure your relief from sciatica.

pregnant-coupleSome things you can do to help reduce sciatic pain include:

It is common that sciatica experienced during the pregnancy will no longer be present once the child is born. Of course, each body is different, but with chiropractic care, you can rest knowing that you are taking the most effective and healthiest course of action to relieve those frustrating aches and pains that can make it difficult to enjoy pregnancy.

If you are experiencing sciatica or other aches and pains due to pregnancy, please, call us today at 303-238-6500 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maura or Dr. Jacob. We would love to be of assistance to ensure you have the most comfortable pregnancy possible.

Childhood Sports Injuries: Chiropractic Can Help

So many of us keep our little ones busy with after-school activities, and the bulk of those activities are sports. From soccer, football, baseball, swimming — you name it — our kiddos are getting wonderful exercise and forming great bonds with their teammates. But we’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we see our child go down on the field and we think, “Oh no, what did they hurt?” Or maybe your child is working his or her body to the limit during their sport, and you start to notice that certain muscles or joints are bothering them.

soccerAs great as sports are, they do tend to cause wear and tear on the human body, especially during the developmental phase that children are going through.

Pathways to Family Wellness reports that 3.5 million children under 14 are treated for sports injuries annually and that nearly half are due to overuse while more than half are preventable.

While it’s important for injuries to be treated, it’s also important for child athletes — like everyone else — to receive chiropractic adjustments to help maintain wellness and address problems before they become obvious. Sometimes, this might mean a shove in a sport causing mild whiplash and jolting the neck creating gradual discomfort that could have been avoided with a chiropractic adjustment right away. Or, it can mean your child suffering with aches and pains that they start to see as normal because they just don’t realize that the sport doesn’t have to mean pain. Untreated, we can carry these aches and pains and misalignments into adulthood.

As explained in an article at ePainAssist, “(the) majority of the chronic ailments seen in adults originate from childhood traumas or repetitive activities. Pediatric chiropractic care focuses on the long-term health benefits along with immediate problems.”

The more stress caused to the body, the more worn down it will be, making your child even more vulnerable for injury. Help your child be in optimal health no matter how active he or she is. From rehabbing past injuries, to maintaining your child’s healthy physical state, Dr. Fletcher at Well Beings Chiropractic takes his time with each client, from babies to adults, to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

We respect you and your child’s passion for sports and want to be of assistance to help your child become the healthiest athlete they can be.

Call us today at 303-238-6500 to schedule an appointment or for any questions you may have about our pediatric chiropractic care.

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