Be GratefulThe Holiday Season is finally here! Kicking off with one of the best holidays we celebrate here in America. Thanksgiving is a great time to just be with family without all the stress that Christmas brings, with its crazed gift shopping, never ending Christmas parties, waiting in line for 2 hours for the kids to see Santa, and having to check every stinking light bulb in the strand to see which one apparently went out since last year.

Although it may seem cliché, taking time to recognize the things you are thankful for and expressing gratitude for them is actually really great for your health. Among the benefits of gratitude are- having higher levels of alertness, vitality, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, quality of sleep, and energy; as well as, experience fewer physical symptoms such as headaches, coughing, nausea, pain, and heightened immunity in both healthy and sick persons. So with that, here is our list of the top 5 reasons we are grateful for chiropractic.


The Top 5:  

Why We’re Thankful For Chiropractic

5. Chiropractic is Cost Effective in a Time of Changing Healthcare

  • An average doctor’s visit is between $60-$300+ depending on the problem. An average chiropractic visit is between $30 and $65 no matter the problem. Instead of treating the symptoms and dishing out more prescription costs ($$$), chiropractic deals with the root of a problem and dishes out prolonged wellness. If you’re looking for a quick-fix though, chiropractic may seem discouraging at first considering they don’t use harmful medications, and instead rely on your inner ability to heal (meaning your body sets the pace for recovery). Overall the cost of care still remains much less than going to see a medical doctor at the end of the day. Especially when you’re potentially looking at the cost of surgery or never ending prescription bottles.

4. Helps Reduce Chronic Pain and Prevents Other Conditions

  • Usually any pain along the spine or joints in the arms/legs, results from some form of misalignment or as we call them subluxations. The chiropractor’s job is to checks to see if you have any misalignments/subluxations and give small adjustments to realign the body. Why do they want to do this? Subluxations are part of what can cause chronic pain, and getting adjusted takes the pressure off the painful areas. Staying aligned also keeps the body from falling prey to other conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, or surgery for your back, hip, shoulder, etc. This is also the driving force behind chiropractic for children. Who wants their child to grow up with all sorts of health issues? We always say it is better to raise healthy children than fix injured adults.

3. Reduces Stress in Your Life and Boosts Immunity

  • Rush hour traffic. Bills. Deadlines. Family drama. The list is endless. Stress originates from 3 different areas: physical, mental or emotional. In each of these, the stress caused by them gets stored in our bodies in one way or another affecting everything from our immune systems to our sleep. Getting chiropractic adjustments help open all the pathways (through the nervous system) keeping a constant flow of messages which in turn helps us deal with stress in all its forms and boosts our immune systems to fight off whatever this life wants to throw at us.

2. Adjustments Improve Brain Function and Reduce Dependency on Medication

  • Most people think chiropractic focuses only on pain, but its greater power is in its ability to help naturally heal and improve the body as a whole. The origin of chiropractic care is the optimization of brain and nerve health. Regular chiropractic care brings about positive neuroplasticity leading to improved cognitive functions, enhanced memory, elevated mood and optimized healing which affectively kicks problems like depression, ADD, hypertension, diabetes and all the medications associated with things like that in the butt. This benefits everyone from all ages including baby and grandma.

1. Adds Vitality and Improves Wellness!

  • Having regular chiropractic care puts a sense of health-confidence in you. Through the benefits of chiropractic and general healthy living, people learn to take charge of their own well-being, create healthy habits, and in turn, increase their longevity and add a heightened quality-of-life. Chiropractic is not only about your past, but about your future!


 What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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