T`was the day before Christmas

Christmas Background

T`was the day before Christmas,

but there was no cheer.

No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer.

The word had got out that Santa was sick.

There`d be no friendly visit from jolly St. Nick.

The people were sad; no gaiety sounded.

For Christmas had come,

but Santa was grounded.

He walked down the street,

and what should he see?

On a small sign was printed, Chiropractor D.C.

Now, Santa was not one to like a new tactic,

But all else had failed, so he`d try Chiropractic.

He entered the office and saw at a glance

In a place such as this illness hasn`t a chance.

For all were smiling; the music was snappy,

With all the patients contented and happy.

In a very short time, to judge by the clock,

He was in the adjusting room, talking to Doc.

“It must be the hurry, the tension and all.

I simply can`t seem to get on the ball.

Life used to be easy, just toys, guns and whistles.

Now I have to dodge jumbo jets,

space ships and missiles.”

“And Doc, take a look at the size of this pack!

Have you any idea what it does to my back?”

Poor Santa was miserable; just barely able

With the help of the doctor, to get to the table.

The doctor was gentle. Without fuss or tussle

He examined the vertebrae

and relaxed the muscles.

He spotted the trouble, and then with a click,

Started aligning the ailing St. Nick.

And Santa felt aches and pains slipping away.

“I feel much better” he was heard to say.

The air was a tingle with a new fallen snow.

And a healthy Kris Kringle was rarin` to go.

As he went out the door, he threw all a kiss.

Why, it has been centuries since

he`d felt as good as this!

Then once more he shouldered the bag full of toys.

His heart overflowing with true Christmas joys.

So, may we, your friends, echo this cheer?

Merry Christmas to you

and to all a good year!