In conjunction with our annual 12 days of Chiropractic where we give back to our client community, I am inspired to write about the gifts I have received from chiropractic. Many of our readers know that chiropractic is a second career for me. Chiropractic was the answer to many questions I was asking at the time.

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  6. opportunity to help women
  7. Colorado
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  10. humanitarian work
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  12. an art


One of the best gifts of chiropractic is my husband, Jacob. Perhaps our paths would have crossed some other way but it was chiropractic college that brought us together. I am so thankful to have him as my partner in this journey. He is a phenomenal chiropractor, husband, dad, business partner and friend.


Chiropractic college is rigorous. We are in class from 7-3, then labs, electives and/or patient care in the evening. Although it was intense I absolutely loved my 3.5 years at Palmer College of Chiropractic. The friends I made at school are like no other. It was quite an experience to be with the same group of people, rowing the same boat in the same direction for 3.5 years. In addition to seeing each other through the academics of it all, we also supported each other through moves, divorces, marriages, births and deaths. Through chiropractic I received the gift of true friendship.


I entered Palmer College of Chiropractic 10 months after my first chiropractic adjustment. Analytics did not drive that decision. Passion did. I was so amazed by the healing power of the chiropractic adjustment; I just had to be part of the profession. It is passion that drives our practice; Passion to help people. Passion to educate people about the amazing function of the human body. Passion to move humanity to the next level. Passion keeps us at the practice late, offering educational seminars. Passion takes us out into the community on weekends to inform our neighbors about true health.

New Lifestyle – Introduction to Vitalism

Through chiropractic I was introduced to the idea of vitalistic health. Vitalistic health states that you have everything you need in order to express health. You are a self-healing, self-regulating organism that is constantly adapting to your environment and actively engaging in decisions about your health. Your health decisions are based on trust. Health is created from the internal workings of the body coordinated by the central nervous system. I find this philosophy on health very freeing and empowering.  It allowed me to take control of my health.

Pain Relief

I initially sought chiropractic care because of chronic pain in my hip and headaches. Through chiropractic adjustments I balanced my nervous system and my pain was relieved. I live a very active lifestyle and I am not always THE BEST at knowing my limits and listening to the warning signs of my body. As a result, my system becomes taxed and out of balance and pain returns. I am thankful I have chiropractic adjustments to help balance my nervous system, reduce my pain and get me back to doing what I love to do.

Opportunity to help women

When I was debating what I wanted to be when I grew up one of the choices that I considered was an OB/GYN. I think this choice came to my consciousness because of my curiosity about the human body as well as my desire to help women. Clearly I did not pursue that path. However with my specialty in chiropractic care for children and pregnant women, I am able to study the human body and help women. Respect for the natural birthing process is a HUGE passion of mine. I am able to support the natural birthing community via my role as a pregnancy chiropractor. When I adjust a pregnant woman, my intention is to balance her body so that she can have the birth she desires. Giving birth to my son, Jack is one of my proudest moments of my life. I want as many pregnant women as possible to know and feel the power behind giving birth.

Colorado is home

We could have chosen anywhere in the US to practice chiropractic. I am thankful that the right opportunity presented itself to us and landed us in Lakewood, CO. How blessed we are to live in a state like Colorado. The weather is beautiful. The opportunity to play outdoors is EVERYWHERE and the people are kind and friendly. I am ecstatic to call Colorado home.

Heart-centered living

Prior to chiropractic, I worked in corporate America for 11 years. Those eleven years were fantastic. I learned and experienced so much. However, that environment was not super conducive for heart- centered living. I didn’t even know what heart-centered living meant! During that time and most of my life up until chiropractic, I lived and made decisions from my head, not my heart. Through lots of work with a chiropractic coach I learned how to open and lead with my heart. This was a scary, uncomfortable and vulnerable journey but well worth it. I think it makes me a better wife, mom and chiropractor.


As a child I wanted to own my own business. Back then I thought it was a restaurant called Murphy’s. Another time in my life I wanted to own a spa. Now I own a family wellness chiropractic practice. Owning our own business is an adventure. Prior to Jack, Well Beings was our baby. We gave and give it everything we are so that more people can express health. I LOVE business. I’m thankful that I am in the business of helping people.

Humanitarian work

I have been part of three chiropractic mission efforts. Two were in Brazil and one was in Nicaragua. These experiences forever changed me.


After chiropractic college, Jacob and I spent 3.5 months in Central and South America. I went from the corporate AMEX card to buses and hostels. It was amazing. Traveling gave me so much perspective. I improvised, explored, pushed my comfort zone and grew by leaps and bounds.

An art

The chiropractic adjustment is an art. It is something I will forever be able to do with my hands whether I am fifty two or eighty two.


What gifts has chiropractic given you?